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Recently, a friend said “You look so much better. When you’re well, you can show others the way.”

I almost said–no one is interested. And what can one person offer, really?

Then, I realized everything has changed.  Healing is always possible.  I am an example.




Me with sons at our Christmas function 2011.  The tired look was all I could manage–ever.



Nevertheless, wellness and vitality were goals I hadn’t realized since 2002. From 2009 (my official diagnosis) to 2014, I tried yoga, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the GAPS diet, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, Reiki, hippo therapy (horse-back riding), tapping–EFT, and TFT.  I researched supplements, and took every one that I believed would help.  My efforts recovered some energy and slowed my decline.

In December 2013, I saw Terry Wahls, MD 2011 TED-X talk about recovering from MS–secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. She was in a reclining wheelchair when she started her road to recovery.

For Christmas, my younger son gave me the Jawbone “Up” so that I could monitor my sleep and steps. I started with five hours of sleep and 2000 salsa steps–I couldn’t do real ones.

Then, a miracle: I discovered that Dr. Wahls published The Wahls Protocol. She also has a website: terrywahls.com. Kindles are wonderful. I had her book within 7 minutes, and read it through in a day and a half.

I suspected that more than food was involved to get her out of the wheelchair. I’m grateful she explained her history in detail, including exercise, stress reduction, e-stim and more–purpose and direction.

I started the Wahls protocol on March 31, 2014.

The Wahl’s protocol is challenging. I used “The Quick Start Program” to get fully on board.  My vegetable consumption, generous for a Standard American Diet, tripled. I focused strongly on increasing quality of food.  Once I thought food would replace supplements–but that has not been entirely true.  By the end of the level three quick start, I was using Wahls Paleo Plus, the most intensive part of the diet.

I began rehabilitation therapy directed toward my walking in September of 2014.  On a treadmill, I managed 5 minutes of real steps at .5 mph. Regular exercise enhanced my sleep.  The transformed lifestyle is working for me. I want to tell everyone to do Wahls–but I recognize that many will not choose it. It takes time for it to show effects, and stopping means losing the gains made.

From the day I was diagnosed with MS, one thought has carried me:

I’m not done yet! 


Wahls Warrior since 3/31/14

Hiked 1.5 miles up and down Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, 4/10/15.

Received a certificate from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 10/4/15.




Here I am with Marc David, the founder and head of the Institute.





Began Wahls Coaching Training Program in October 2015

Participated in a 5K, a turkey trot on Thanksgiving 2015.

Currently establishing business as an Eating Psychology Coach.


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