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About April

Until 2002, life was simple—wonderful even.  Married with two children, I worked as a psychologist and the Internship Director in a forensic setting while practicing Tae Kwon Do to manage stress. Then everything went south. First came a limp, then brain fog, then weakness, poor balance and fatigue. Finally in 2009, I had a name for it, multiple sclerosis.  I surrendered slowly and reluctantly—relinquishing first the Internship Director position, then the marriage, then in 2011 when my mom’s health failed, I gave up being a psychologist.

Down, but not out, I looked to the rubble of my IMG_1207previous life to find a way to begin again.  Having nothing to lose, I found my internal scientist and began research using myself as a subject. I read about nutrition. I studied and started taking supplements and observed their effects. I learned about my microbiome.  I stopped eating sugar and artificial ingredients. Then came treatments: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture, NAET (Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique), hippo therapy (horseback riding), chiropractic adjustments and Reiki.  Finally, I experimented with diets:  GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome), paleo, and primal.  I even completed a diet intended to revitalize my microbiome.  Finally, I adopted The Wahls Protocol.  It soon became clear that good nutrition, consistent exercise and other lifestyle changes could restore energy, focus, and physical functioning.

Within six months of starting “The Wahls Protocol,” retirement made no sense and I wondered what I would do with the rest of my life.  My diet had helped me so much, that I was attracted to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating partly because the word “psychology” connected me to skills I’d already developed.  I undertook eight months of their training in mind-body nutrition, practiced with clients, and was professionally certified in October 2015.  This prepared me to help people with a range of diet challenges such as binge eating, overeating, low energy, fatigue, problems with digestion, mood (hangry), immune problems and weight loss or gain.

Still, I yearned to help people like me, whose lives are undercut by chronic “incurable” illnesses. So, when Terry Wahls M.D. initiated a coaching training program in October of 2015, I enrolled in the premier class, completing it last month (February 2016).  And then I completed her Professional Workshop in August 2016 and renewed my Wahls Professional status in 2017.

Through these experiences, I established a foundation for guiding others along a path that helps them recover their vitality, vibrancy and purpose.